Persistent Memory
SMART's NVDIMM with SafeStor™ Technology

What's an NVDIMM?

NVDIMM combines DRAM and Flash onto a single DIMM. They operate as standard RDIMMs with the associated benefits of DRAM – high speed, low latency, and high endurance. The system only addresses the DRAM on the RDIMM and provides no direct access to the NAND flash. The NVDIMM contains switches to transfer control back and forth between the system and the NVDIMM controller in the event of a power loss. The NVDIMM controller moves data from DRAM to Flash upon power loss or other triggers. The system MRC (Memory Reference Code) configures the NVDIMM controller to move data back from Flash to DRAM when recovery is needed.

How They Work (SafeStor)

What Is Persistent Memory?


NVDIMMs create a persistent block of memory within main memory. Persistent memory is used to improve system performance and reduce bottlenecks in high availability, high reliability server and storage applications. "Hot" data such as transaction logs, checkpoint images and other latency and performance-sensitive data can be loaded into and accessed from the persistent sections of main memory to dramatically improve application performance without the risk of data loss.

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